Ascanio Cuba

Ascanio (Cuba, 1988) is a painter, streetart muralist and screen printer, now living and working in Milan, Italy. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Santiago de Cuba with a major in painting and drawing.

As much as on his on-canvas artworks, screen-printings or walls, Ascanio reproduces his own shape of man leaning forward as a symbol of all contemporary individuals intent on challenging the future and standing out against different life scenarios, a concept which is summarised in his payoff “CLIMBING THE FUTURE“.

As a graphic synthesis of his art-motive, this image merges with his own name and becomes his signature of recognition.

From years of working experience at the “René Portocarrero” screen printing laboratory in Havana, Ascanio finds in the acquired screen-printing technique a great source of artistic inspiration and experimentation that he gradually introduces in his works, giving his artworks a marked and characteristic style.

With the exclusive use of brush and traditional mural painting techniques, Ascanio realizes large murals, paying tribute to local personalities and artists as Enzo Jannacci and Morando Morandini, but at the same time giving his contribution to urban redevelopment projects with colourful street art works.

Ascanio likes to interact and collaborate with international artists, organizing activities and developing interdisciplinary art projects. He also likes to spontaneously engage eager and interested people in the implementation of his street art works, inviting them to participate and to share a unique participatory art experience.