You are talking to a chick at a bar, and you notice her slowly running her hand up and down her forearm. It is a rash! It is a twitch!

No! It is a tactile woman!

She loves the feel of things on her hand, and most probably the rest of her body. A simple movement like that speaks pages. It is like telling you, “Look at my hand, pretend it is yours.”

What to do: “Look but do not touch” does not apply here. Give her a few strokes but keep your hands on neutral territory.

A touch on the shoulder, a tap on the top of her hand would be enough. If she is telling you what you hope she is telling you, she will easily focus her tactile fixation on you.

The Hair-Behind-Ear Tuck

Most women have this technique down pat. It may be an affection of the typical and much sought-after demure lady.

For the most part, it shows that your girl is a preneer. She likes to have every strand of hair to be in place; and a single one of them is out of line. That is the ear tuck power.