Deals 4 Boomers

Everybody loves to save money, which is why coupon codes are an attractive way to engage customers, whether you are a new or existing business. However, it is important to remember that codes alone do not mean that your company will be revitalized, or that you will be able to experience a sudden massive revenue increase
Here are some examples where coupon codes really make sense for your business:
1. Inventory issues: As mentioned before, deal codes are great when you are sitting on inventory that isn’t moving as quickly as you thought.
2. Show customer appreciation: This is a great way to make sure old customers know that they are appreciated. You can send a discount through e-mail to previous customers that may have forgotten about your brand but did buy something from your company before.
We all know that coupons can be great for a business, and that everyone loves discounts. However, there are ways where your customer can save AND your business can benefit.